Investment Objectives and Investment Strategy

  • Investment objectives:

The Fund's investment objective is to maximize profit while preserve capital for Investors by investing in safe, fixed income assets and partly in basic stocks with good business performance and free transfer for the purpose of spreading investment risks and bringing Investors the best results from the investment protfolio management in line with the decisions of the General Meeting of Investors and the Laws.

  • Investment strategy:

 The Fund aims at building a portfolio that focusses primarily on bonds and fixed-income assets, whereby bonds will include Goverment bonds, Goverment guaranteed bonds, municipal bonds, listed bonds of issuers operating under the Laws, bonds prepared for being listed (within twelve (12) months from the Trading Day), or registered for trading by issuers operating under the Laws, corporate bonds issued by listed organizations with payment guarantee from reputable credit institution(s) or redemption guarantee of the issuers, with priority given to the bonds of such issuers as large companies or groups. Other fixed-income assets include bonds, certificates of deposit or deposit contracts at reputable banks.

The allocation of assets may considerably vary depending on the Fund Management Company's judgement in order to preserve capital and bring optimal returns to Investors. In addition, the Fund may consider investing in a diversified portfolio of listed shares of large capitalizations as well as high liquidity on the Stock Exchanges in accordance with the Laws.

Fund's Board Representatives

The Fund's Board of Representatives include 3 members:

  • Mr. Trinh Thanh Can: has 18 years of experience in finance, banking and investment management consultancy. Before becoming the General Director of Asia Commercial Bank Securities Company, he held the position of investment consultancy director, research director of many securities companies in Vietnam. Before that, he also had experience of working for a bank in Vietnam (HSBC) and U.S. (Downey Savings Bank). He graduted from California State University, U.S. and holds Fund Management Certificate issued by the SSC.
  • Mr. Nguyen Trong Duc: has 23 years of experience in finance, accounting, auditing and internal auditing. Before holding the position of General Director of Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam, he was Finance Director of Philips Electronics Vietnam and Victoria Viernam Group. He also had internal auditing experience for Victoria Vietnam Group. Before that, he was an auditor and specialized in banking in KPMG. He is Bachelor of Economics of Banking University. He has MBA degree of Maastricht University and auditing certificate.
  • Ms. Tran Viet Huong: has more than 21 years of experience in legal consultancy and management. Currently, she is a partner of Avenir Law Firm. She has provided legal advice for a number of funds, onshore and offshore companies regarding investment licenses, tax, M&A transactions and post M&A transaction in Vietnam. Previously, she was tax and investment specialist for two of four leading auditing companies , Coopers & Lybrand - AISC (currently PwC) and KPMG. She is Bacherlor of Laws and specializes in Economic Law of HCMC General University. She is now a lawyer of HCMC Bar Association.

Detailed information of CBPF

Name in Vietnamese: Quỹ Đầu tư Trái phiếu Mở rộng Chubb

Name in English: Chubb Bond Plus Fund

Abbreviated name: CBPF

Type: Open - ended fund

Capital: VND (Fifty billion Vietnam Dong)

Fund Management Company: Chubb Life Fund Management Company Limited

Supervision Bank: Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam) Limited

Auditting Company: The General Meeting of Investors or the Fund's Board of Representatives (in case General Meeting of Investors authorizes the fund's board representatives to do so) will decide on the auditing  company upon proposals of the Fund Management Company

Distribution Agent: Chubb Life Fund Management Company Limited

Transfer Agent: Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD)

Minimum investment amount: VND 1,000,000 (One million Vietnam Dong)

The periodical Trading Day: Wednesday if it is a Business Day

Investment Instruction

1. Open trading accounts of CBPF

Individuals, organizations, domestic, or foreign investors (excluding US investors) can purchase fund certificate of CBPF. Investors must submit openning account document to the designated trading staff at authorized Distribution Agents , which includes personal identification documents / forms and the forms provided at any  authorized Distribution Agents and on Chubb Life FMC's website at
Opening account documents include:

Domestic organizations

  • Account opening application form.
  • A valid copy of the establishment and operation license, establishment decision, business registration certificate, enterprise registration certificate, tax registration (if any), and certified copy of related doccument on decisions of changing name, splitting, merging of the Institutional Investors (if any).
  • Certified copy of the bank confirmation on payment for the subscription monies of the fund certificates.
  • Power of Attorney (if any).
  • Valid document on the invesment decision, trading certificate.
  • Certified copy of the identification certificate/ passport/ visa of legal representative, or authorised person.

Domestic individuals

  • Account opening application form.
  • Certified copy of the identification certificate/ passport/ visa.
  • Notarised copy of Authorization contract (if any).
  • Certified copy of the bank confirmation on payment for the subscription monies of the fund certificates.

Foreign individuals and organizations

  • Similar documents applied as domestic individuals and organizations.
  • The bank confirmation on opening the Indirect Investment Capital Account (IICA).
  • Certified copy if the confirmation of securities trading code.

2. Trading time

  • Trading duration: once per week
  • Trading day: every Wednesday (Day T) (*)

(*) Note: Documents must be submitted to Authorized Distribution Agent before 14h30 every Tuesday (Day T-1) for the trading day of the week.

3. Information of transaction

  • Investors send money for subscription fund certificate to the account of CBPF which is opened at the Superisory bank.
  • Final payment day: The Supervisory bank must receive money before 15h00 Day T-1.
  • Method of payment: money is sent from the Investors to other individuals/organizations who are not investors.
  • Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam.

4. Successful transaction

  • Confirmation time: Authorised Distribution agents will send hard copy of confimation to investors within 3 days from trading day.
  • Payment time: Money received from successful redemption order after deducting transaction fee and tax (if any) will be sent to Investors' account within 5 days from trading day.

5. Authorised Distribution Agent


Establishment and Operation License No. 52/GP-UBCK issued on October 24th, 2013

Address: Lot K, Floor 8, Sun Wah Tower, 115 Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Telephone: (84-28) 3914 1666

Fax: (84-28) 3821 6777